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Remote Spirit Release

Our work with Spirit Release Therapy is especially helpful for unusual and inexplicable physical, mental or spiritual conditions and unexplained changes in behaviour.

Remote Spirit Release is carried out on a psychic level at a distance from the client. Experience shows this avoids further traumas for the client but is most effective. All entities encountered are removed from the client and taken to their rightful place for onward spiritual development.

Detailed reports are forwarded to the client within a few days of the clearing together with protective meditations for you to continue with your own healing and protection. Working by Remote Spirit Release means that we not only deal with enquiries from the United Kingdom but also from Europe and the USA.

We are experienced at helping problems such as:

  • Anxiety, stress and mood swings that seem out of character

  • Concentration and memory problems which are not normal to the person

  • Multiple personalities, switching between various behaviour patterns

  • Depression, loss of energy for no apparent reason

  • Shock, bereavement and panic attacks which can leave one feeling vulnerable

  • Suicidal urges which happen suddenly and for no apparent reason

  • Substance / alcohol / food abuse / self harming

  • Phantom illnesses

  • Childhood abuse which cannot be forgotten/forgiven

  • After anaesthetic when one may be vulnerable to psychic attack

  • Non-responsive inflamatory or metabolic conditions that refuse to clear

  • Repetitious worrying nightmares that can cause sleeplessness/night terrors

  • Hearing voices, feelings of being watched

  • Sensing or seeing presences

  • Poltergeist activity, hauntings, demonic possession

  • Accidents happening to you or visitors to your home

  • Cold unwelcoming areas

  • Unexplained bad odours in the house, vermin or slime traces

    EFFECTS: You can become ovewhelmed by troubles that are not of your own making. It may be that you are playing host to an intelligence that is not your own, or living in a place which is influenced by negative earth energies.

    TREATMENT: We identify these energies and deal with them so that they can never return, then we bring in healing for you. A complete report of the findings and protective meditations are sent to you.

    RESULT: You can be free at last from the limiting effects of these attachments and you can continue with your own life as you want to live it.

    Remote Spirit Release healing can also be requested for another person in the same way, as long as you have their best interests at heart and it is always preferrable to ask their permission whenever possible. The report will be sent to the person requesting Spirit Release.

    Property can also need clearing of negative energies and entities - we work on a psychic level going through the rooms and releasing any entities to the light or dealing with negative energy as appropriate. Please request an application form for Spirit Release for buildings and include a rough floor plan of the building when you return the application form.

    A professional service is offered by qualified therapists with many years experience in spirit releasing and holistic therapies.


    DHypPsychUK - Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
    Dip.PLT & SRT - Diploma in Past Life and Spirit Releasing therapy
    Cert. Hickman Academy Depossession Institute UK for Non-directive Hypnotherapy, Direct, Indirect and Remote Spirit Releasement

    Members of

    Spirit Release Foundation
    Hickman Academy for Healing
    General Hypnotherapy Register
    British Complementary Medicine Association
    Independent Professional Therapists Institute

    We are happy to post an application form, price list and details of our work to you. Contact us in the first instance for information at:


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